[Mp3 + Vid] Best ballad duet songs of Super Junior

  1. Your eyes – Yesung ft. KyuHyun                                                         Mp3          Clip
  2. Still You – DongHae ft. EunHyuk                                                         Mp3          Clip 
  3.  Story – RyeoWook ft. SungMin                                                           Mp3          Clip
  4.  Just like now – Ryeowook ft. DongHae                                               Mp3          Clip
  5. Now we go to meet – SungMin ft. YeSung                                           Mp3          Clip
  6. Confession – ShinDong ft. EunHyuk                                              Mp3          Clip1  Clip2
  7. A Doll – LeeTeuk ft. YeSung                                                                 Mp3          Clip
  8.  Looking at a picture – RyeoWook ft. YeSung                                       Mp3         Clip
  9. I love you Oh Thank you – KyuHyun ft. EunHyuk                                 Mp3         Clip
  10. 7 years of love – EunHyuk ft. RyeoWook/KyuHyun/ShinDong             Ver1    Ver2    Ver3
  11.  Love that I need – DongHae ft. EunHyuk                                            Mp3         hae cam
  12. You are emotion – KangIn ft. LeeTeuk                                                 Mp3         Clip 
  13.  Magic Castle – LeeTeuk ft. EunHyuk                                                   Mp3           Clip
  14. My love by my side – HeeChul ft. KangIn                                            Mp3           Clip

[Eng-Trans] 130422 La Viola Web interview with Kyuhyun,Kangin,Siwon

Super Junior: “We are honored to be debuted in  Argentina”


Q:How can define your music?
Kyuhyun: Addiction music and everyone can hear them comfortable
KangIn: Each song of Super Junior represents a particular color and a special character as each member of our group

Q:What are your influences?
Kyuhyun: We influenced a lot from Yoo Young Jin.We work together, our songs composed by him
Kangin: We have different styles,not have a limit.

Q:When you guys “touch upon” Argentina,What does it mean to you?
Kyuhyun:I am excited and I can imagine a lot of Argentine fans in front of me.
KangIn: This is our first time to visit this place, I’m really looking forward to and excited
Siwon:I’m very happy and cheerful.
I think it’s an honor.

Q:How do you feel when you were on stage?
Kyuhyun:I feel like “I’m dreaming”. I’m really excited to see people crazy about me.
Kangin:I would like to show them everything.I want to feel the satisfaction when we finish the show
Siwon: I’m always grateful to be on stage.

Q:Do you know something about our country?
Kyuhyun: I want to get Argentina wine. I know that Malbec is very well known and football too
Kangin:Messi and Maradona!
Siwon:As in South Korea,Argentina have a woman president and Pope Francisco.

Q:How can define your fans?
Kyuhyun:I wish we’ll be friends forever and grow old together.
KangIn: They are the sole reason for SUPER JUNIOR’s existence

Q:What does K-pop mean?
Kyuhyun:It was the result of effort and sweat of many people sweat of many people.
ShinDong: The song,which together with the music and the performance,it will satisfy both visual and auditory. This is the music we enjoy together.
Siwon:I think it is sustainable such a culture not only Korean, but also represent the entire Asia. It’s an honor and I’m very proud.

Q:What can be said about Argentina fans?
Kyuhyun:I want to be with them
Kangin:I want to say that we will see each other soon and we can have maximum fun together
Siwon:Thank you very much for the support which you always give us and I want to see you quickly

Source: La Viola Web

[ENG-TRANS 130421 Interviews with Sungmin,Shindong,Kyuhyun]

Super Junior debut in São Paulo to ‘feel the passion of Brazil’ by k-pop

Q:Super Junior was very commercially successful and had won many awards. What’s next for the group?
Kyuhyun: We want to be an idol group that represents KPOP & maintain our success in a long time.
Shindong: The idea is to keep and protect our current fame. But instead of we’re stuck where we arewe strive for progress and change.
Sungmin: We always have new dreams and goals. Now, our goal is to meet new fans at our concerts and have a lasting happiness. I’m eager to know what will happen in the future.

Q:How do Super Junior record a new song in the studio? You guys gather together to record an album?
Kyuhyun: Each member’ll be recorded on the different times that fit their schedules
Shindong: We couldn’t record the whole album from beginning to end.. together. While some members are busy with other things,we communicated with each other by phone.
Sungmin: Generally we can’t record the songs together bcz we’re always busy. But the members all know the feelingwhen we want to pass everything.. just to hear each other’s voices.

Q:You guys always possess a ‘great visual image’. How do you guys prepare for Super Show before it take place ?
Kyuhyun: We’ll makeup,hair styling and prepare costumes with a team that has been working with us for a long time,so we can become very nice to see our fans.
Sungmin:I’ll pray for our fans,band, the public and our staffs.

Q:What to expect from Brazilian fans?
Kyuhyun: You will enjoy and have fun!
Shindong: We are always full of passion. you can expect to see a lot of passion.
Sungmin: We will show you who is Super Junior.

Q:What are the expectations for the show in Brazil? What to expect here?
Kyuhyun:We want to feel the warmth of the performances and the passion of Brazil fans.
ShinDong: I want to feel the passion of Brazil fans, the heat when people dancing and feeling the rhythm. I can’t wait!
Sungmin: I’m nervous bcz this is the first time we met fans here. I want to captivate the hearts of Brazilian fans.

Q:When you think of Brazil, What’s the first thing that comes to mind?
Kyuhyun: Samba! Football! The great people full of passion
Donghae: World Cup. All members of Super Junior love football.
Sungmin: The flag is the first thing that comes to my mind, there’re also the people dancing happily
Trans by @Haehyuk8693

Happy Lunar New Year 2013 with SUPER JUNIOR

Wish you and your family a joyful, bright, healthy, prosperous and Happiest New Year ahead! HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR 2013~ Always love and support SUPER JUNIOR 4ever

Chúc năm mới:
– Vừa đủ Hạnh phúc để giữ tâm hồn bạn được ngọt ngào,
– Vừa đủ Thử thách để giữ bạn luôn kiên nhẫn,
– Vừa đủ Muộn phiền để giữ bạn thật sự tỉnh táo,
– Vừa đủ Hy vọng để cho bạn được hạnh phúc,
– Vừa đủ Thất vọng để bạn mãi khiêm nhường,
– Vừa đủ Thành công để giữ bạn mãi nhiệt tâm,
– Vừa đủ Bạn bè để bạn được an ủi,
– Vừa đủ Vật chất để đáp ứng các nhu cầu vật chất của bạn,
– Vừa đủ Nhiệt tình để bạn cho đời thêm hân hoan,
– Vừa đủ Niềm tin để xua tan những thất vọng.
새해 복 많이 받으세요 2013 A_kozA3CYAAaOKf
73eb474agw1e0fqnhc4nij 64ea1fffgw1e10f4x7iorj a0a4ad48gw1e13ybsgd18j 6274bb1agw1e14sl6o04nj 6d693451jw1e1m83q7nu8j6df62354gw1e0gy17x9xbj67b8c66btw1e1mabrmojxjCopy of 561139_311929982205450_310801055651676_811709_18903986dsdsds35_n-horz g0ffd5wj Copy of gggv


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(HHT No.961) SS3 in VN – Backstage’s stories: More than what you see!

Kyuhyun was enthralled watching “sapphire blue oncean” from behind the stage , sometime he smiled satisfied. SungMin worked very hard. He kept practicing for his performances  even before the official performance. KyuHyun was sick and he couldn’t  stand firm,he had to rely on the help of SJ’s members. But when Kyu steps on stage ,he has become extremely dynamic.When Kyu returmed backstage, he immediately sat down and expressed his fatigue.

LeeTeuk always take care for his brothers in a thoughtful way,especially for Kyu.  Teuk’s always by his side,wiping sweat and bring him water . Meanwhile, Heechul spend time to observe his brothers. he always seems anxious to see the magnae. Contrary to the vibrant character when EunHyuk appeared on TV game show,he looks calm.

SJ received many gifts(during performing & during transfer). However, YeSung was particularly interested in a cuddly turtle. According to the regulations they couldn’t keep more gifts. But they’re very fond of lucky paper stars. SJ opened each paper star containing ELF’s messages,read it and they were smiling happily. They listened to the genuine and heartfelt words from their fans.

 SJ love to eat mangosteens. The logistics staff prepared lots of fruit, but SJ only eat mangosteens while the other is intact.That day it rained a lot. Till the end of the show,  it was still light rain. Siwon is a very gallant man. He had sheltered her under her umbrellaSJ’s members are extremely friendly.They always say hello to everyone with a smiling friendly face. Before and after SS3VN, they always bow to thank the staff.

While SJ are performing, there is an important lamp above their head caught fire. But the SM’s staff remained calm and professional attitude. 5 minutes later, one of them was climbed up and extinguished the fire. VELFs sent to SJ a lot of food but afterSM’s staffs and Malaysia’s staffs checked the food .They weren’t allowed to bring food into the backstage area. V-staff  had secretly takes the pieces of paper to give SJ

Translated by: Haehyuk8693

120519 Phỏng vấn Super Junior trên King’s Branch Japan TV

SJ : Chúng tôi là Super Junior !
MC : Wow thật tuyệt ! Annyeonghaseyo. (Xin chào)
SungMin : Hai bạn nói (tiếng Hàn) rất tốt !
Yesung : Ogenkidesuka ? (Các bạn đều khỏe chứ?)
MC : Genkidesuyo (Chúng tôi ổn). Tiếng Nhật của các bạn rất tốt đấy…
SungMin : Chúng tôi vẫn còn đang học hỏi rất nhiều


[Tiêu đề: Hãy cùng lắng nghe các thành viên Super Junior giới thiệu bằng tiếng Nhật]
SungMin : Các bạn thế nào rồi? Tôi là Sungmin.
Yesung : Ogenkidesuka (Các bạn đều khỏe chứ?) ? Tôi là Yesung. Chúng ta sẽ ăn cùng nhau chứ ?
(2 MC đã cười với anh ấy LOL)
KyuHyun : Xin chào các bạn tôi là Kyuhyun. Các bạn có thấy vui vẻ không ?
(2 MC lại bật cười lần nữa)
LeeTeuk : Các bạn thế nào rồi, Tôi là trưởng nhóm của Super Junior – Leeteuk.
EunHyuk: Tôi là chàng trai ngọc quý của Super Junior – EunHYUK
MC: tuyệt quá!!!
DongHae: Các bạn đều khỏe chứ? Tôi là DongHAE của Super Junior
RyeoWook: Tôi là RyeoWook của Super Junior. Rất vui được gặp các bạn
ShinDong : Tôi là người phụ trách hình tượng cho Super Junior – ShinDong XD~~ Continue reading