[Mp3 + Vid] Best ballad duet songs of Super Junior

  1. Your eyes – Yesung ft. KyuHyun                                                         Mp3          Clip
  2. Still You – DongHae ft. EunHyuk                                                         Mp3          Clip 
  3.  Story – RyeoWook ft. SungMin                                                           Mp3          Clip
  4.  Just like now – Ryeowook ft. DongHae                                               Mp3          Clip
  5. Now we go to meet – SungMin ft. YeSung                                           Mp3          Clip
  6. Confession – ShinDong ft. EunHyuk                                              Mp3          Clip1  Clip2
  7. A Doll – LeeTeuk ft. YeSung                                                                 Mp3          Clip
  8.  Looking at a picture – RyeoWook ft. YeSung                                       Mp3         Clip
  9. I love you Oh Thank you – KyuHyun ft. EunHyuk                                 Mp3         Clip
  10. 7 years of love – EunHyuk ft. RyeoWook/KyuHyun/ShinDong             Ver1    Ver2    Ver3
  11.  Love that I need – DongHae ft. EunHyuk                                            Mp3         hae cam
  12. You are emotion – KangIn ft. LeeTeuk                                                 Mp3         Clip 
  13.  Magic Castle – LeeTeuk ft. EunHyuk                                                   Mp3           Clip
  14. My love by my side – HeeChul ft. KangIn                                            Mp3           Clip

[Eng-Trans] 130422 La Viola Web interview with Kyuhyun,Kangin,Siwon

Super Junior: “We are honored to be debuted in  Argentina”


Q:How can define your music?
Kyuhyun: Addiction music and everyone can hear them comfortable
KangIn: Each song of Super Junior represents a particular color and a special character as each member of our group

Q:What are your influences?
Kyuhyun: We influenced a lot from Yoo Young Jin.We work together, our songs composed by him
Kangin: We have different styles,not have a limit.

Q:When you guys “touch upon” Argentina,What does it mean to you?
Kyuhyun:I am excited and I can imagine a lot of Argentine fans in front of me.
KangIn: This is our first time to visit this place, I’m really looking forward to and excited
Siwon:I’m very happy and cheerful.
I think it’s an honor.

Q:How do you feel when you were on stage?
Kyuhyun:I feel like “I’m dreaming”. I’m really excited to see people crazy about me.
Kangin:I would like to show them everything.I want to feel the satisfaction when we finish the show
Siwon: I’m always grateful to be on stage.

Q:Do you know something about our country?
Kyuhyun: I want to get Argentina wine. I know that Malbec is very well known and football too
Kangin:Messi and Maradona!
Siwon:As in South Korea,Argentina have a woman president and Pope Francisco.

Q:How can define your fans?
Kyuhyun:I wish we’ll be friends forever and grow old together.
KangIn: They are the sole reason for SUPER JUNIOR’s existence

Q:What does K-pop mean?
Kyuhyun:It was the result of effort and sweat of many people sweat of many people.
ShinDong: The song,which together with the music and the performance,it will satisfy both visual and auditory. This is the music we enjoy together.
Siwon:I think it is sustainable such a culture not only Korean, but also represent the entire Asia. It’s an honor and I’m very proud.

Q:What can be said about Argentina fans?
Kyuhyun:I want to be with them
Kangin:I want to say that we will see each other soon and we can have maximum fun together
Siwon:Thank you very much for the support which you always give us and I want to see you quickly

Source: La Viola Web

[ENG-TRANS 130421 Interviews with Sungmin,Shindong,Kyuhyun]

Super Junior debut in São Paulo to ‘feel the passion of Brazil’ by k-pop

Q:Super Junior was very commercially successful and had won many awards. What’s next for the group?
Kyuhyun: We want to be an idol group that represents KPOP & maintain our success in a long time.
Shindong: The idea is to keep and protect our current fame. But instead of we’re stuck where we arewe strive for progress and change.
Sungmin: We always have new dreams and goals. Now, our goal is to meet new fans at our concerts and have a lasting happiness. I’m eager to know what will happen in the future.

Q:How do Super Junior record a new song in the studio? You guys gather together to record an album?
Kyuhyun: Each member’ll be recorded on the different times that fit their schedules
Shindong: We couldn’t record the whole album from beginning to end.. together. While some members are busy with other things,we communicated with each other by phone.
Sungmin: Generally we can’t record the songs together bcz we’re always busy. But the members all know the feelingwhen we want to pass everything.. just to hear each other’s voices.

Q:You guys always possess a ‘great visual image’. How do you guys prepare for Super Show before it take place ?
Kyuhyun: We’ll makeup,hair styling and prepare costumes with a team that has been working with us for a long time,so we can become very nice to see our fans.
Sungmin:I’ll pray for our fans,band, the public and our staffs.

Q:What to expect from Brazilian fans?
Kyuhyun: You will enjoy and have fun!
Shindong: We are always full of passion. you can expect to see a lot of passion.
Sungmin: We will show you who is Super Junior.

Q:What are the expectations for the show in Brazil? What to expect here?
Kyuhyun:We want to feel the warmth of the performances and the passion of Brazil fans.
ShinDong: I want to feel the passion of Brazil fans, the heat when people dancing and feeling the rhythm. I can’t wait!
Sungmin: I’m nervous bcz this is the first time we met fans here. I want to captivate the hearts of Brazilian fans.

Q:When you think of Brazil, What’s the first thing that comes to mind?
Kyuhyun: Samba! Football! The great people full of passion
Donghae: World Cup. All members of Super Junior love football.
Sungmin: The flag is the first thing that comes to my mind, there’re also the people dancing happily
Trans by @Haehyuk8693

Happy Lunar New Year 2013 with SUPER JUNIOR

Wish you and your family a joyful, bright, healthy, prosperous and Happiest New Year ahead! HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR 2013~ Always love and support SUPER JUNIOR 4ever

Chúc năm mới:
– Vừa đủ Hạnh phúc để giữ tâm hồn bạn được ngọt ngào,
– Vừa đủ Thử thách để giữ bạn luôn kiên nhẫn,
– Vừa đủ Muộn phiền để giữ bạn thật sự tỉnh táo,
– Vừa đủ Hy vọng để cho bạn được hạnh phúc,
– Vừa đủ Thất vọng để bạn mãi khiêm nhường,
– Vừa đủ Thành công để giữ bạn mãi nhiệt tâm,
– Vừa đủ Bạn bè để bạn được an ủi,
– Vừa đủ Vật chất để đáp ứng các nhu cầu vật chất của bạn,
– Vừa đủ Nhiệt tình để bạn cho đời thêm hân hoan,
– Vừa đủ Niềm tin để xua tan những thất vọng.
새해 복 많이 받으세요 2013 A_kozA3CYAAaOKf
73eb474agw1e0fqnhc4nij 64ea1fffgw1e10f4x7iorj a0a4ad48gw1e13ybsgd18j 6274bb1agw1e14sl6o04nj 6d693451jw1e1m83q7nu8j6df62354gw1e0gy17x9xbj67b8c66btw1e1mabrmojxjCopy of 561139_311929982205450_310801055651676_811709_18903986dsdsds35_n-horz g0ffd5wj Copy of gggv


[Full Single] Super Junior KRY 1st Japanese Single – Promise You

NOTE: I will continue to update SJKRY Promise u when I get HQ picture of photobooklet

Super Junior KRY Official JPN website http://superjunior-jp.net/kry/index.html


Download MP3  

Promise U http://www.mediafire.com/?189cs6u5ms9b56t

Hanamizuki http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?2q09wpvkcmzsr09

Promise U (Inst) http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?2v8f6868jfl2w34 Continue reading

Download | SUPER JUNIOR M – The 2nd album ‘BREAK DOWN’


1. Break Down
2. GO!
3. Goodbye my love
4. A-oh!
5. It’s you
6. Distant Embrace
7. Tunnel
8. Stand Up
9. Break Down (Inst)
10. Goodbye my love (Inst)