[150203-150215] Super Junior – Gaon Chart K-pop Awards

  1. Trend this hashtag 👉 #我要榜咚SUPERJUNIOR# when you post/repost something on Weibo  & the hashtag #我要榜咚曺圭贤# . From February 3rd to February 15th there is “Gaon Chart K-pop Weibo Star Award” and we need pageviews of these topics capture-20160206-230910OR You can go to this link LIKE, POST/REPOST NEW STATUS http://weibo.com/p/100808fe4bb44c0cda9667909b3066c69b0042?k=%E6%88%91%E8%A6%81%E6%A6%9C%E5%92%9ASUPERJUNIOR&from=501&_from_=huati_topicapture-20160206-205230
  2. [For ELF who doesn’t have a WEIBO acc] I asked my friend & she told me another way to support SUJU. “SEARCH #我要榜咚SUPERJUNIOR# ON WEIBO”


3. There is another award called ‘Gaon Chart K-pop Awards人气奖 (Popularity Award) ’ and C-ELF trying to raise funds. They need these funds to vote.. Just like this pic 862c9a69jw1f0pyouq6whj20hs0vkgx6

If YOU want to spend money to vote for SJ, please use paypal to give the money transfer to this account “suju_royalblue@126.com”? C-ELF will collect the money and vote uniformly. You can contact the acc   SJ_Voter投票组 

4. How to creat a WEIBO acc~> TUTORIALcapture-20160206-202027


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